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Dr. Nazanin Noorbakhsh

I believe, dental care is more important than its cosmetic side! When it comes to my line of business, my motto is to put treatment ahead of aesthetics and select the method of care that is most appropriate for each individual patient. After that, go on to the fundamental aspects of beauty care. I’ve taken courses in aesthetics, implants, lasers, pediatrics, etc., to better assist my patients in achieving their treatment goals.

Dr. Nazanin Noorbakhsh
About Dr.Noorbakhsh's dental clinic environment

A sterile environment with strict adherence to hygiene protocols

Even before the Coronavirus outbreak, dentists like Dr. Noorbakhsh have always followed specific protocols to prevent illness and ensure their patients’ continued health. Patients might overlook processes such as sterilizing dental equipment, units, and all infection control techniques of equipment and surroundings because many of these procedures are performed behind the patient’s back or somewhere out of sight. The removal of all live cells and viruses from an object is accomplished through a procedure known as sterilization, also known as an absolute modification.
• The sterilization of all dental equipment, units, and the environment
• The collection of contaminated and disposable items after every patient
• The cleaning, drying, and prevention of rusting equipment
• The dental tools should be opened next to the dentist and used only once on each patient.

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