Methods for improving the smile design

So, smile design is a procedure that enhances the look of teeth and produces the perfect smile. This may be accomplished through a few different cosmetic dental procedures.

What is a Digital Dental Implant?

Digital Dental Implant is one of the best and newest methods for dental implantation worldwide. Very advanced tools are used in all stages of this type of implant.

Introducing the best dental implant brands

Important points when choosing one of the best dental implant brands Various factors will cause us to lose our teeth. But also, various methods can help you to replace these teeth. Using the best dental implant brands in this field is one of the best and wisest choices. One of the most important organs in […]

Tooth preparation for Porcelain Veneers

Veneer preparation is very important for the application of ceramic laminate. In today’s world, it is necessary and important for many of us to have a beautiful smile because, in addition to affecting our appearance, it can also increase our self-confidence. Many methods can help you in this regard.  One of the newest and most innovative […]

Best time for implant placement after tooth extraction

The time of implant placement and choosing the best possible time to do the work is critical. Because having a successful Dental Implants After Extraction, depends on the timing of the implant, which is one of the influencing factors. In other words, determining the right time for the implant, along with other factors such as […]

Pediatric Dental Exam: What To Expect

The primary goal of the first visit and meeting in pediatric dentistry is to establish an emotional relationship and friendship without fear with the child.

Your Quick Guide on Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is a term used in the field of solving serious defects and problems in the patient’s jaws and using combined treatments such as the implant, restorative, aesthetic, and occlusion reconstruction (teeth and jaws matching together), and chewing correction.