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Let’s talk about Gum Lift. Many people assume that just the teeth should be fixed when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. When you smile, if your gums are overly visible, it will negatively impact your appearance more than if your teeth are slightly out of place. When your gums cover a large portion of your teeth, your teeth may appear small and uneven, preventing you from having an attractive smile.

What is the Process of Gum Tissue Regeneration?

The technique of modifying the shape of the gum tissue around the teeth is known as gum contouring. It is a treatment procedure in dentistry that can assist people in both creating a smile and enhancing their dental health. Gum Reshaping (Gum Lift) is a minimally invasive laser surgery that removes and shapes excessive and uneven gum tissues. However, the design or shaping of soft tissue necessitates bone contouring, which cannot be accomplished with a laser alone, but it finally develops natural-looking and healthy gums in people, which helps to boost their self-confidence and beauty.

The Gum Lift procedure is performed for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Oral health and beauty
  • Inadequate dental hygiene
  • Formation of deep gingival pockets as a result of poor teeth cleaning and dental plaque accumulation.
  • A gummy smile (excessive gum exposure), irregular gum contours (asymmetry), loss of papillae (a tiny amount of gum tissue between the teeth), and exposed root surfaces are all common cosmetic issues that can be corrected. This treatment procedure, on the other hand, can benefit teeth that are excessively small or have an unusual appearance. In truth, this can happen when gum tissue grows downward on a big portion of the tooth, giving the impression that the teeth are pointy and small or uneven and unusual. Excess gum tissue is removed in this procedure, leaving only the visible portion of the tooth exposed.

Consultation on the Most Suitable Gum Lift Treatment

Laser Treatment

Gum Lift assessment and treatment planning are based on people’s gum-shaping conditions and goals. Following routine inspections, for example, the dentist may observe that the tissues surrounding the teeth are being damaged or expanded. If this occurs, the appointment can involve a discussion of gum tissue restoration (for prevention), periodontal disease correction, or termination. The dentist may recommend flap surgery, bone grafting, tissue grafting, gum color composite, or tissue stimulation. Alternatively, suppose you are thinking of getting veneers or a smile makeover. In that case, your dentist may tell you that your gums are uneven or that you have too much gum tissue (gum smile). If gum tissue reduction is required, the dentist may discuss laser techniques or more invasive surgical options with you.

You should know that the dentist provides recommendations concerning treatment options, local anesthetic, sedatives, and recovery time during this treatment planning. Keep in mind, however, that certain operations (such as modest gum line correction) may be performed without a written consultation or treatment plan. Currently, dental laser technology allows dentists to examine and cure diseases such as gum asymmetry and gum smiles during sessions, avoiding the need for you to return another day. However, more consultation and preparation may be required due to each patient’s unique conditions.

Who Performs Gum Tissue Regeneration or Reshaping?

In Gum Lift, after administering a local anesthetic to the gums, periodontists and cosmetic dentists utilize a soft tissue laser to remove the redundant tissue, recontour (shape correction), and seal (close) the excess tissue. This procedure is free of blood and stitches and causes only minor pain and discomfort. More time and stitches are required to apply improvements to bone surgery, but you will not experience any discomfort.

Recovery and Post-Care After Gum Lift Surgery

In most cases, a Gum Lift procedure will be followed by some minor swelling and discomfort. Your specific procedure will determine how long it will take to recover. People with gum tissue reshaping or reconstruction typically recover within a day or two, although the dentist may recommend a specific diet for the patient to follow for a few days after the procedure. Suppose the gum surgery involves bone grafting or contouring. In that case, sutures will most likely be required, and the dentist may restrict many physical activities to prevent the surgical site from opening. On the other hand, the dentist may prescribe for medication to ease pain and prevent infection.

Benefits of Gum Lift 

Before Vs. After

Gum tissue shaping or crown lengthening. Gum Lift is safe, quick, and nearly painless, and you can resume your regular daily activities immediately. Of course, keep in mind that the outcomes are permanent. The laser method of gum regeneration considerably reduces the risk of infection, reduces inflammation, promotes speedy recovery, is accompanied by high precision, and protects the surrounding tissue from injury during surgery. This treatment method has psychological and social advantages, such as improving attractiveness and self-confidence and encouraging people to be socially engaged and smile. Dr. Noorbakhsh is here to assist you through the process of getting the outcomes that you have in mind, whether you are interested in gum lift surgery, other dental issues, or cosmetic procedures. If this is the case, you should look no further than Dr. Noorbakhsh.
Dr. Noorbakhsh Dentistry is proud to use the latest methods of smile design and dental beauty along with medical services with the cooperation of a team of experts, and university professors, using modern equipment and technology to provide services at the highest global standards. You can reach her office using the information provided below located on Fereshteh Street in Tehran. You can also visit our Instagram page to learn more about how Dr. Noorbakhsh performs her surgeries on patients and to read the testimonials of different kinds of patients, which will allow you to have peace of mind knowing that you can trust us and that we will be able to give you the results that you are looking for. Just give us a call right now to find out more information about our services. If we weren’t available when you called, you could also reach us by our email address.

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