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Veneer preparation is very important for the application of ceramic laminate. In today’s world, it is necessary and important for many of us to have a beautiful smile because, in addition to affecting our appearance, it can also increase our self-confidence. Many methods can help you in this regard. 

One of the newest and most innovative methods is using different types of ceramic laminates. After veneer preparation, they are placed on the outer surface of your teeth and can cover the deformities and bad colors of your teeth, giving you a beautiful and special smile. Many of you may be sensitive about the number of teeth preparations for ceramic veneers. In this article, we will give you full details about veneers preparation and talk to you more about the process of preparing laminates. You can stay with us for more information.

Different types of dental veneers for veneer preparation

In the initial stage, to learn more about veneer preparation, it is better to know about different types of dental veneers. In general, these coatings are divided into two different categories:

Veneers that cover the entire surface of your teeth and act as a protector:

These types of veneers are usually a combination of porcelain bonded to metal, zirconia, etc., and to use them, a relatively large layer of the tooth is usually ground. Then, the crown Will be placed on the entire tooth surface. This method is usually used to protect teeth that are badly damaged and destroyed.

Veneers that cover part of the tooth surface:

The second category includes partial crown veneers, which, as their name suggests, are made of ceramic laminates and tooth-colored resins. These veneers are very thin and are only attached to the outer layer of your tooth. There is no need to prepare the teeth in this situation because these veneers are significantly thin. In this situation, after the veneers are prepared, they are bonded directly to the front layer of your tooth, leaving the back of your tooth unchanged. In addition to these cases, laminates will not be removed from your teeth if you need any other treatment. Also, because the laminates are so thin, you won’t feel like an extra object is in your mouth.

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Who should use veneer preparation services?

People interested in designing a beautiful smile can use veneer preparation services if they have the following problems.

  • If your teeth are yellow or discolored.
  • If the edges of your teeth are chipped, misshapen, or cracked.
  • If there are minor irregularities in your teeth. (Note that moderate-level irregularities require the use of orthodontic services.)
  • If your teeth are slightly spaced from each other.

We try to always have a specialized visit at Dr. Noorbakhsh’s dental clinic in Tehran, Iran, and in the next step, provide you with appropriate advice so that you can choose the best treatment for you based on the available specialized information.

Why should we have veneers preparation for ceramic laminates?

After talking about the general characteristics of veneers preparation, now it is better to answer the question of why the preparation of veneers or teeth preparation is so important. Pay attention to the fact that if the laminate used is thicker, the gum will not tolerate this high thickness. This issue can further cause gingivitis. Our gums are made in such a way that they have the power to bear a certain amount of the thickness of the teeth.
Of course, you can currently use the veneer preparation laminates without the need for tooth preparation, but these services are not suitable for all people. Anyway, to do the laminate, you need to prepare a small amount of the surface of your teeth so that your teeth can bear the extra volume and the cover that is going to be placed on your teeth. In this situation, you will not have the feeling of protrusion or the presence of a foreign part, and the health of your gums will be completely preserved.

Why should we have tooth preparation for ceramic laminates?

The amount of tooth preparation in laminates

As we mentioned earlier, the number of teeth preparations varies according to the laminate’s thickness and the condition of your teeth and jaw. Currently, new generation ceramic laminates or resins have been produced, with the use of which there is no need to prepare teeth more than 0.2 mm. Of course, this amount of preparation may be slightly higher depending on the condition of the patient’s teeth. Of course, some other cases and factors can affect the number of teeth preparation. Let us examine these further.

Determinants of the amount of tooth preparation for laminates

As we mentioned earlier, laminate requires about 0.2 microns of preparation on the teeth. But other things, such as the dentist’s diagnosis, the thickness of the ceramic laminates as well as their material, the condition of the patient’s teeth, etc., can greatly impact the number of teeth preparation. Let us examine more of these materials together.

The amount of tooth decay and damage: If there is decay between two teeth, the doctor must repair it. As a rule, the doctor may need to prepare the teeth a little more to repair the decay.
Minor irregularities of the teeth: If there are minor irregularities in your teeth, the doctor should prepare them more to correct the way the teeth are positioned.
Discolored or crooked teeth: In some cases, more preparation and preparation may be needed to remove discolored teeth and correct the crookedness of your teeth.

In general, the condition of each person’s teeth is unique, and the tooth preparation process completely depends on the condition of the jaw as well as the types of teeth of the patient. Therefore, one cannot expect to perform a fixed type of treatment on all patients. It is precisely for this reason that before veneers preparation, a detailed examination of the teeth should be carried out so that the dentist can identify which methods and actions can make the process of placing the laminate easier and more comfortable.

the thickness of ceramic laminates compared to eye lenses

About the veneer preparation or ceramic laminates

In the final part of the article, we have to tell you that ceramic veneers are currently known as one of the newest and most innovative methods to correct the smile design. Currently, the process of ceramic veneer tooth preparation is very convenient and easy in addition to being fast, and for this reason, many people go for this method. Ceramic veneers have about three times the color stabilization, strength, and beauty of composites, and this is why many people prefer this method.
In addition, it is in this way that the patient will not feel any pain and the original enamel of the tooth remains largely intact. If you are looking for a long-term, professional, principled and ideal treatment, using ceramic laminate will be the right choice for you. In Dr. Noorbakhsh’s office, the process of veneer preparation and laminating usually takes two sessions. In the first session, the patient’s photos and the required templates are prepared, and the selection of the color, size, and shape of the teeth is determined by the doctor’s diagnosis and the patient’s opinion. In the end, the procedures and possible results are explained to the patient so that the patient can make his own decision. In the second session, the prepared ceramic laminates will be attached to the teeth and you can enjoy beautiful teeth.

the veneers preparation for ceramic veneers (laminate)


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