What is a Digital Dental Implant?

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Digitally scan dental of implant placement

Digital Dental Implant is one of the best and newest methods for dental implantation worldwide. Currently, a variety of devices and new technologies are used for this type of implant. This method is a new and easy solution for implants. If there are suitable conditions and faster acceptance of the applicant’s jaw bone, this type of implant will be a much faster method compared to other methods. Very advanced tools are used in all stages of this type of implant.

What does a Digital Dental Implant mean?

Currently, implants are known as one of the best and most permanent methods to replace lost teeth. The advancement of science has led to the use of new methods such as Digital Dental Implants to replace lost teeth. Implants are usually made of titanium. This metal has excellent compatibility with the human body, it is completely neutral and does not cause any sensitivity in your body. In a Digital Implant, titanium is placed in your jawbone and a dental crown is placed over it. With more time and a better bond between the implant and the jaw, you can easily enjoy your new teeth and have an amazing and beautiful implant without any problems.

Full mouth dental implant

Examining the steps of Digital Implant

In the first step of the Digital Dental Implant, the radiological images of the patient or CBCT are thoroughly reviewed. In the next step, the oral scan, or in other words the molding of the teeth is done completely. After the doctor checks the bone dimensions and makes the special guide, the implant surgery, digital scan, photo, and the made guide are completely matched with each other to determine the exact point for implant placement. In addition to this, intraoral cameras can also be used at this stage. Cameras can examine problems inside the mouth and gums very well. In the next step, 3D modeling is done. In this method, the dentist can have more control over the implant site and take more appropriate actions with the information he/she receives.

Use of digital scanner for dental crown placement

What are the advantages of Digital Implants?

Various advantages have made Digital Dental Implants different from conventional implants. Let’s explore these together.

  1. One of the advantages of Digital Dental Implants is the high accuracy of the implant. In this method, advanced and high-quality devices are used for tooth implantation, and this has made the implantation more accurate than other methods. In this treatment method, the amount of errors and mistakes is much less than in the usual methods. 3D modeling in Digital Implants plays a very important role in increasing accuracy and reducing errors.
  2. Other benefits of Digital Implant Surgery include reducing pain and bleeding. In this method, new technologies are used, which greatly reduce the amount of pain and bleeding in the patient. The higher the precision of the implant, the more likely the pain and bleeding will be greatly reduced. If you are sensitive to pain and bleeding and want to use less painful methods, a Digital Implant will be a suitable option for you.
  3. Another advantage of Digital Dental Implants is the quick and hassle-free procedure. In this type of implant, the dentist himself is less involved and all the steps are carried out using advanced devices and digital computers. This makes the implant faster and more accurate. In addition to this, the amount of pain and bleeding during recovery is also much less. This makes it easier to use the implant after surgery. Also, using advanced devices, the implant cover can be prepared as quickly as possible.
  4. One of the most important factors that can be known as the advantage of Digital Dental Implants is the high quality of this type of implant compared to other types. Due to the high accuracy and advanced of different types of devices used in this type of implant, the quality of Digital Dental Implants is much higher compared to other implants.

Digital Dental Implant cost

It may be interesting to know, but the price of the Digital Dental Implant is not that different from the traditional implant. The most important factor affecting the implant price is the implant brand you choose. As a rule, the better the quality of the implant, the higher its price will be. You can use the services of Dr. Noorbakhsh in Tehran, Iran with the most affordable costs of Digital Implant services. Do the necessary research before taking any action related to the implant. Go to a dentist who you are sure has enough expertise in his field of work. In addition to this, make sure that the dentist uses quality equipment to perform Digital Dental Implants. If you go to non-specialist service providers or lower quality products, after a short period you will have gum disease and tooth problems.


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